Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Reasoning

Hello friends,

There are a lot of you wondering why I need this surgery in the first place. Well, it's complicated.
Here's a brief history:
21 y.o. Female w/ hypermobility (super flexibility) and constant subluxation (dislocation and partial dislocation)
Formally active in sports - soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, crew.

Past Surgeries:

L Knee (Medial Reefing) 2006
R Knee (Lateral Release) 2008
R Knee (Fulkerson Osteotomy + Open Lateral Release) June 2010

My knees have been a constant source of torture because of malalignment and maltracking. This means that the angle of my knees is off, and when I bend the joint, the kneecap doesn't stay in its proper place.
Because of my hypermobility, surgical procedures involving soft tissue haven't been effective. Why? My tissues are already very flexible, so using my own tissue to keep my knee in place won't fix anything long term: the muscles will just flex and fail to hold.
The last surgery on my right knee was the best decision of my life: I can now walk without limping, drive without crying, etc.

Now my left knee has been slowly deteriorating as the Medial Reefing has started to fail.
It is now more painful than my recently repaired right knee, especially when I squat.
Dr. told me I would eventually need a Fulkerson Osteotomy on the left knee, and here I am!

I played too many sports with knees that don't work properly.



  1. Well, I wish you well on your recovery. I hope it gets better. :)

  2. yeah we hope you get better, good luck!

  3. That sucks, but I suppose it happens when you play lots of sports. I know I have damage from years of soccer, but not bad enough to have surgery, or at least so I think. I also have scoliosis which doesn't help. So, I kinda understand the pain, and good luck and hopefully a full recovery!

  4. Usually flexibility is a good thing, but i guess not in this case :(

  5. Ouch that's rough, any surgery is worth walking without so much pain though. Hope it goes well.

  6. This is one of the reasons I stopped playing soccer, doing track and field, and doing cross country. Wayyyyy to many of my friends have destroyed their knees and I would like to keep mine for a little longer.

  7. I'm really sorry to hear that, I wish you the best of luck and I'm sure you'll get it sorted soon. Just take it easy for a little while :)

  8. what's gonna happen to this blog when after your surgery? i'm gonna miss it?

  9. This makes me not take my health for granted so much.

  10. I wish the best of luck for you. nice blog, hope you will be ok.

  11. This surgery must be a big deal for you to dedicate an entire blog to it...good luck! I will stay tuned to see future developments!

  12. Get well soon. Health is everything. following

  13. My sister had knee surgery because of sports, I decided as a kid that my knees were more important than having fun outside.

  14. Adorei,seu blog é maravilhoso!!!
    Parabéns.assa lá no meu blog e o siga tbem ,como eu sigo o seu.
    Amei ,que trabalho lindo!
    Bjo da Val