Sunday, July 3, 2011

I fell :(

Hello Sprinkles,

I've got some New Knee News:

I fell down pretty bad the other day. I slipped on a puddle and piledrived my knee into some concrete. I couldn't do physical therapy, so I went to ortho and took some xrays. Thankfully I have no fractures and the screws are still in place, but my soft tissues hate me right now.  Grrr. It hurts really bad. Hopefully my bruises will clear up and that'll be the end of it, but my doctor is worried about some meniscus damage. 

I guess it's my clumsiness that got me into surgery to begin with, so I can't be too surprised that my clumsiness is ruining my recovery.

And the cherry on top? My scar is starting to keloid. I'll take pics of the angry red scar and post it later.

Hope you guys have been faring well! Have any fourth of July plans?